7 days in Hawaii

Yes, it exists, the perfect plans for you and your travel buddies starting off in Honolulu; the Gathering Place! Picture this, laying about on a soft sandy beach, tanning away with Pina Colada in hand.

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You've just come from your glorious morning of snorkeling off Hanauma Bay discovering friendly tropical fish and taking a break only to enjoy some sweet and crisp Pineapple pieces. This isn't a dream, this is your perfect short getaway! Perfectly suited to Sydney-siders, Melbourne-ites and all those from the east coast of Australia at just a 9 hour flight to beautiful Honolulu. Amazingly, the flight time from Los Angeles to Hawaii is only 6 hours! Recharge the batteries in a week and then some.

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The friendly locals, and charm of the native Hawaiians aren't lost on us at all. In fact, it makes for a fantastic warm welcome to slip into 'holiday mode' and forget about work and other trivial matters.

Whilst the beautiful islands rely on tourism to help their economy, it doesn't mean that they force feed you with an abundance of manners - it is their way of life.

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From adventures such as quad biking (ATV) through the jungles where Hawaii Five-O is filmed, helicopter tours over the lush greenery, or a more relaxed beach adventure via catamaran is more your liking, there is something to tantalise all your travel group's tastes. Foodies in particular, can be guaranteed to find a delightful delicacy around almost every corner whether you're after a quick snack (ie spam musubi is a treat!), or a more filling meal, there is no limit to what is on offer.
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Our 7 day travel itinerary for Hawaii:

(or mix and match your own)

Day 1 - Waikiki:

Arrive in Honolulu
Walk around town, Waikeke
Dinner at Duke's (local favourite)

Day 2:

Snorkeling in Hanauma Bay
Afternoon on the beach
Visit Ala Moana Shopping Centre
Dinner at The Cheesecake Factory

Day 3:

4WD tour around Jungles in the morning
Visit Pearl Harbour
Visit Outlets
Dinner at Nico's on the Pier (super fresh seafood and nice atmosphere!)

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Day 4 - Big Island:

Fly to the Big Island, rent a car
Arrive in Kona
Enjoy the town area
Dinner at Fish Hopper

Day 5:

Drive to Volcanoes National Park
Lunch at Ohelo Cafe
Afternoon by the pool
Luau at Hilton Waikoloa Village

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Day 6:

Snorkeling, depart from A'Bay
Afternoon by the pool
Dinner at Roy's, Waikoloa

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Day 7:

Fly back to Honolulu
Fly back to Sydney

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