We all dream of escaping to Europe. The beautiful coastlines, the relaxed way of life and the enjoyment of the little things, there’s something so captivating in the cultures.
Who doesn’t want to be eating gelato and drinking espresso in Rome on Monday then ziplining over cravasses in Crotia by Wednesday, ending the week the week quad biking around a Greek paradise island? Exactly, its sheer perfection and one of the best continents to explore.

I’ve backpacked Europe many times and these are my top tips for making the most of your time there, without blowing your budget.

Side note: I don't just own beanies I promise 🤞

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Research your destination and accommodation

Hostels, the home of the backpacker right? When I was taking my first European trip I always booked hostels because I presumed they were the cheapest. That was until, our next stop was the ever beautiful Florence in Italy. Out of curiosity, I looked elsewhere. This ended up with us having this most incredible view over this pretty little city, in an open plan room, boasting ceiling to floor windows ala Disney style wooden shutters and a lunch banquet waiting for us in our private room. This worked out at 20 euros each a night, I could’ve slept in a room with 10 other people and paid more if I’d opted for a hostel. Be smart: you can save your pennies and live like royalty.

Be savvy with your Travel Itinerary planning.

Planning your trip before you depart is integral, if you want the most bang for your buck. We’ve all been in that situation watching the prices of flights to our favourite destination skyrocket and wondering why we didn’t book it last week, when it was half the price. Apply this philosophy to your whole trip. By pre-planning activities and travel, you will not only save, but probably grab a few bargain offers too. You know what that means? Lots of extra euros for important things like mojitos on the beach and souvenir fridge magnets for mum! Especially if you’re booking in advance, you can often find incredible excursion and day trips at a fraction of the price. If you’re going with friends, make the planning into a shared activity using TravelMustard’s planning platform and Wishlist feature. That way everyone is happy with the final itinerary and can view activities and travel plans easily.

After sleeping lightly through -6 last night ❄️ I have had the Friday from hell 😭 my lil houseboat ⚓️ had frozen completely: I woke up to a burst pipe flooding my room 💦 no running water and no heating 😱electricity also decided to give in. 😞 Friday is usually my favourite day of the week, but not this week! Praying tomorrow means running water! 💦 staring at this picture of one of my favourite island has me looking forward to starting Spring the right way. In just 2 weeks I move on from Amsterdam 🇳🇱 (finally!) and will be living in 2 beautiful European destinations this Spring! 😍 I am so excited and SO READY for this change. Goodbye houseboat hello sun baby life ☀️ I feel most like myself when beside the sea. I feel a little chaotic when I try and explain to others that I simply cannot stay planted in just one place for a long time. Bursting with joy to "go home" and be at peace again. Beach life and fresh new start! I'm coming for you 🌸

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Sail away

Want to see a beautiful country like Croatia? Don’t want to miss out on anything, but not sure how to navigate around? Take a boat tour. There are incredible and affordable boat tours around the most stunning destinations in Europe. With the chance to stay on a boat, a tantalising itinerary packed with once in a lifetime excursions: (everything from wine tasting in beautiful remote locations, to rock climbing for the adventurer.) If you book early you can get them at a budget price, daily swims, on board dinners with with your new family of travelers and parties every night. You can even get a private skippered yacht if you have a small group. I would recommend this because it takes all hassle away of getting from A to B and you just get to focus on the most important part of travelling: relaxing, making memories and having fun.

Ya want sunset, we'll give ya sunset 🌅💛

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