This magical, forward thinking city will have you captivated by its charm and chilled out culture. I certainly was!


It's a hilly, and chilly city to say the least, and as you open yourself to exploring it, you discover its true beauty that is free for all to enjoy.


From the ever popular Dolores Park where cult sci-fi Netflix series Sense8 had filmed some of its opening credits and a few scenes, to the iconic Golden Gate Bridge that stuns from any angle. San Francisco is truly a delight for your soul, where love and acceptance is encouraged and its open arms style is 24/7.

Here are the top 8 attractions in San Francisco:

1. Pier 39 at Fisherman's Wharf

The famously lazy seals are probably one of the biggest tourist attractions for any San Fran visitor, but it truly is a wonderful sight. They're loud, they're lazy and love a crowd! It's a pretty perfect way to spend a sunny day. The pier itself offers a load of tourist attractions and restaurants, you could definitely get lost around here.

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2. Drive to the Golden Gate bridge

First opening in 1937, there are so many different vantage points you could drive to, and all of them would offer such stunning views. The bridge itself sometimes looks like its suspended in mid air from a foggy day, and there are plenty of them in San Francisco being situated at the peak of a peninsula.

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3. The Painted Ladies

Located at Steiner St & Hayes St, the popular row of houses across Alamo Square Park has been in popular movies and TV shows such as Junior (1994) and Full House (1987-1995). These are private residences, however it doesn't stop tourists and locals alike from hanging out nearby.
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4. Lombard St

The winding road, that is part of every San Francisco visitor's list! A lot of people take photos from the bottom, but why do that when you can drive through it? It is very winding, and traffic is slow (rightly so!) as you go down its marvelous 8-turns! (Those houses too! Ka-ching!)
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5. Scope a vantage point!

How amazing are these views?
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6. Alcatraz Island

The infamous island-based former prison requires a good 4-5 hour block of time, but is well worth the trip out if you can make it there.

7. Catch a cable car

If you're around the city area, hop on, and hold on!

8. SFMoMa - San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

A beautiful collection of modern artworks, that is definitely "San Fran"!

We haven't even begun to discuss the amazing restaurants, bakeries and cafes on offer. That might be for another post for another day. Foodies; we promise to cater to your travelling adventures too!

Now where else in San Francisco would you suggest others to visit? Are there any hidden gems, or local hot spots you want to share? Comment below to help a fellow traveller plan their perfect trip!