Best time to visit korea for cherry blossom:

Visiting South Korea is an amazing touristic experience all year round. This beautiful country becomes an enchanted land from March until mid-April when cherry blossoms take over the parks and streets.


If you are in search of a spring getaway, start packing your bags because the Sakura Season is almost here. You needn’t worry about missing the most spectacular views because we've outlined it for you. See our travel template - South Korean Blossom Trip. Don't forget to add other locations of interest to your Wishlist.

Where to See Cherry Blossoms in South Korea:

Almost all towns and regions are immersed into shades of pink, but to make the most out of your stay, wandering the streets is not enough. You should not miss certain places if you really want to understand the country’s culture and leave it spiritually enriched.

Best areas to admire cherry blossom in 2018:

  • Jinhae,
  • Jeju Island in Seoul,
  • Hwagae,
  • Daegu,
  • Gyeongju.

Blend in with the crowd, enjoy the cheerful atmosphere and be part of a centuries-old tradition.

1. Sakura Season in Jinhae


You can attend the Cherry Blossom Festival between April 1st and April 10th. In case you are visiting Korea with your significant other, do not miss the romantic Yeojwacheon Bridge.

2. Cherry Blossoms on Jeju Island


Save the date of March 23rd, 2018 in your TravelMustard Travel Planner because the flowers of the King Cherry Tree are expected to be in full bloom then.

Most tourists prefer the Jeju Sports Complex and the central area of Seowipo. More experienced travellers choose other spots such as Noksan-ro and the Jeju National University.

3. Sakura Season in Seoul


Make sure you are in Seoul between April 6th and April 13th to take the most bewildering stroll of your life on Yeouiseo-ro Street, flooded by cotton candy-like flowers.

Equally superb are the views on Yeouido Island, the gardens around the Gyeongbokgung Palace and the shores of Seokchon Lake.

4.Cherry Blossoms in Hwagae


Far from the beaten track, the rural Hwagae will attract numerous visitors between April 7th and April 8th, 2018 when trees are in full bloom. “The Cherry Blossom Road” also known as “The Marriage Road” is worth taking if you believe in “happily ever after”.

5. Sakura in Daegu


Visiting Korea in spring would not be complete without a stop among the cherry trees of Daegu. From March 26th to April 2nd, rejoice the beauty of Yongyeonsa Temple or go to the Eworld amusement park.

6. Cherry Blossom Gyeongju


Other things you can do in Gyeongju on April 7th, 2018:

  • run the marathon,
  • rent a bike to see the historic sites or
  • take stunning pictures with cherry trees in the background.

What are spellbound places for a perfect Sakura time would you suggest your fellow travellers to include on their TravelMustard Travel Planner? Please, leave your comment below.