The majority of people wait almost a whole year to escape into an exotic paradise or to tour centuries-old cities. Unfortunately, a much-awaited vacation can give you extreme headaches due to poor planning. Long queues, desperate wanderings on narrow streets to find the pre-booked hotel, too much money paid for bus tickets or cheap food at astronomical prices can diminish considerable the pleasure of your vacation.

Therefore, you should use TravelMustard’s travel planning app. It is a great web-based application for both solo travellers and groups. Paper written tour guides have been replaced by such applications because the latter are always updated and occupy only the memory of your portable device, not the space of your baggage.

How TravelMustard can help:

Travel planners such as TravelMustard can give you useful tips on the most important sights but also on the “hidden gems” highly appreciated by the locals. The reviews you get from your community allow you to establish if the glossy pictures and appealing presentations have a real-life backup. Plus, seeing the routes picked by the others might give you some additional inspiration.

Furthermore, you will know everything about activities and services designed with the tourists in mind. You and your travel companions can choose in a few minutes an entertainment option which suits your idea of having fun.


While on the road, accurate maps are necessary in order to reach your destination at the established hour. Asking the locals for directions may be time-consuming and frustrating, especially when there is no common language to share. You are highly likely to end up in a different place or miss opening hours because of the language barrier.

Ensure your holiday goes to plan by researching the following:

  • Weather conditions – wearing the wrong kind of clothes spoils all the delight and pleasure associated with discovering a new place.
  • Local currency and rates practiced by exchange offices.
  • Shopping options – if you want to bring back home exquisite souvenirs to remind you of the adventure you had or if you have in mind a scavenger’s hunt in bazaars and flea markets.
  • Cultural or artistic events – festivals can bring together thousands of people, which can be thrilling if you intend to join in with the crowd or annoying if your desire is to admire monuments and samples of fine architecture undisturbed.
  • Emergency facilities offered by hospitals and doctors’ offices.


  • Numerous cities have cards that offer visitors discounts not only for public means of transport but also for meals served in certain restaurants and for access tickets to some of the most famous landmarks.
  • If you go around in a car, you need to find out in time about the best routes to take in order to avoid traffic jams, accidents or closed roads.
  • Every country has its own set of traffic rules; to avoid fines, you have to be knowledgeable of at least the speed limit and parking regulations.

All travel costs must be identified in advance so as not to exceed the pre-established budget. To find yourself in a foreign country with no money left to spend is not as bohemian as it sounds.

Holiday Success:

Holidays are successful if you come back relaxed and emotionally fulfilled. You cannot recharge your batteries during endless “damage-repair” like conversations with hotel receptionists, restaurant owners or tour operators. To avoid this hassle, it is better to use the help provided by TravelMustard.