The young Asian country has come a long way since its founding in June of 1959 (yes, 59 years young this year!).

It's fast transformed into a traveller's hub for stopovers, and part of multi-trip destinations too and we can definitely understand why. The friendly, and open arms charm of the nation not only makes it a great setup for a growing expat community, but the warm climate also adds to this.


With a serious business district, and many international arms of big global corporations setting up shop in the small country, it is a regional hub of excitement amongst the professional and travelling crowds.

You don't need to mention the amazing $4 laksas to be had throughout the whole of Singapore (we could ask Chef Gordon Ramsay how he feels to be defeated by local home grown chefs!), or the great dim sum on offer, or even the local watering holes to have a casual cheeky drink at. There are a tonne to select from, all with happy obliging smiles. Add them to your wishlist in your TravelMustard itinerary!


What would you do if you only had a few days in Singapore? Here's our top 7 to start you off:

1. Visit Orchard Road.

It's a tourist destination and rightly so, the long stretch of road is home to a range of retailers, from boutique stores, through to high end chain stores. It's a must see, as its a gathering place for locals to enjoy the luxury.


2. Try all the local food you can!

You're in the home of amazing, and cheap laksa. Our favourite has to be 328 Katong (yes, Chef Gordon Ramsay did compete with local Laksa chefs, and was defeated by this local favourite Laksa resturant) for laksa.


Singapore is also home to the first Michelin star awarded hawker stall! Yes, you heard it right. A local hawker stall won a Michelin star for its famous Soy Chicken Rice and Noodle dishes. Be sure to check this one out, and go early to avoid the queues and to make sure they don't run out of their two dishes they make each day! Located here: Liao Fan Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice & Noodle Chinatown Complex Market & Food Centre, 335 Smith St, Singapore

Source: thenewpaper

3. Visit Universal Studios

Fun for family and friends, the ride to Sentosa Island has so much to offer, you could easily spend a whole day here and more. The Singapore based Universal Studios is smaller than its US counterparts, but it is still an impressive day out at a theme park.

Source: buffalotrip

4. Go on a Night Safari

It is amazing to come up close and personal to some of these animals at night time. The Singapore Zoo operate this so well, you won't be disappointed. Of course there are day time adventures too. (Don't worry the lions can't escape!)


Source: citydiscovery

5. Gardens by the Bay

The beautiful super trees are a huge and magnificent sight to behold, and make for amazing photos to share with loved ones back home.


6. Try all the chilli mud crab

This is their specialty, and they nail this every time. There are of course the tourist hot spots like Jumbo, but its definitely worth going to Newton Circus Markets and let them sell to you - a fun experience! The smaller stalls are definitely serious contenders too if you don't mind outdoor seating, and bonus is no mozzies!

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7. Visit Bugis Street markets

From the outlook, it could fool you for being a junk market, but wander through inside and you might be delighted to discover some gifts for friends or yourself even. With a range of items for sale by a lot of different stall sellers, you will find yourself wanting to walk through the whole maze of items on offer!

Source: singapore-guide

Whether you're travelling with friends or family, you're bound to enjoy your time in this modern jungle in South East Asia. Create your perfect Singaporean getaway with TravelMustard, and let us know if you have any top tips to share for a newbie traveller in the comments below!