Your first international journey abroad should be an unforgettable experience aimed to open up your appetite for international travel. Avoid newbie mistakes such as overpacking, under budgeting and using travel agents to book everything. To help you make the most out of your first overseas adventure, we have come up with a few useful trip tips.

What to Expect When Travelling to A Foreign Country:


Every country and city has their a particular lifestyle and culture. Be prepared for:

  • Different customs and manners - keep in mind that what is considered polite in your area might be offensive in another region of the world.

  • The language barrier – learning a few useful phrases of the local dialect can come in handy. Common words like beer and bathroom are super useful.

  • Long queues at the entrance of top sights - popular travel destinations will have lots of tourists wanting to see the attraction. Try booking the tickets beforehand or online.

  • Overplanning - You have to trust that you'll travel again. Instead of trying to see everywhere at once, slow down, get to know one country, or maybe two, and your appetite will be whetted for a lifetime of similar adventures.

  • Under budgeting - Everything is going to cost more than you think it will. From the flights you saw advertised for "$600 return" to the beers you'll buy in a bar somewhere on a boozy night out, everything will be more expensive. Have a buffer, prepare to spend a bit extra and know you'll have a good time.


Planning your trip will prevent situations that will ruin your adventure.

How to Plan a Trip with Friends?


Holidaying with friends is the perfect gateway to relax and share experiences. Everyone has different ideas and preferences when it comes to travelling. Establish whether you want to spend your time sightseeing, relaxing by the pool or learning about the culture at your destinations.
That is where TravelMustard can help. TravelMustard's wishlist allows travellers to share different ideas and suggest attractions for everyone to view and decide.


You do not have to go everywhere together. TravelMustard will provide visibility on everyone's individual plans so friends can come together for lunch and dinner or meet at a designated bar.