If you’re anything like me, you don’t do anything by halves. You also live by the rule “go big or go home”. And if you’re anything like acrobatic forever-newlyweds Cheetah and Rhiann Platt, then you have the most memorable wedding adventures possible and you make those moments last and last. Not ones to follow tradition and break the bank for a standard chicken or fish dinner reception, they embarked on a marvelous journey, planning their nuptials to span as many locations as possible around the world! Here we have their itinerary for their 38 weddings across 6 continents that spanned 83 days!

Around the world in 38 days.

  1. Bogota, Colombia - Natural Gardens
  2. Bogota, Columbia - Outside the city, in the jungle
  3. Madrid, Spain
  4. Madrid, Spain
  5. Glendelogh, Ireland
  6. Wicklow, Ireland
  7. Wicklow Ireland
  8. Segovia, Spain
  9. Segovia, Spain
  10. Marrekech, Morocco - Cascade d'Ouzoud
  11. Essouira, Morocco
  12. Essouira, Morocco
  13. Casablanca, Morocco
  14. Giza, Egypt
  15. Nairobi, Kenya - Giraffe Centre
  16. Masaii Mara, Kenya
  17. Ellora, India
  18. Ajanta, India
  19. Mumbai, India
  20. Bangkok, Thailand
  21. Chiang Mai, Thaniland
  22. Chiang Mai, Thailand - Ran Tung Elephant Sanctuary
  23. Phuket, Thailand - Phuket Aquarium
  24. Phuket, Thailand
  25. Singapore
  26. Singapore
  27. Brisbane, Australia - Kangaroo Point
  28. Brisbane, Australia - Lone Pine Koala Centre
  29. Brisbane, Australia
  30. Sydney, Australia - Sydney Opera House
  31. Sydney, Australia - Bondi Beach
  32. Jenolan, Australia
  33. Waya Island, Fiji
  34. Waya Island, Fiji
  35. JJ's Gym, California - Location they first met
  36. Stoney Point, California - Location of their Second Date
  37. Big Bear, California
  38. Mojave Desert, California - Lava Tubes

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Travel Planning

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